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On Serial

This originally appeared on the CraftLit podcast at You can find Serial here, Startup here, the adorable video with Ira Glass and Mary here, The Spinal Column Radio Podcast (now podfaded) here, Today in iOS here, Knitmore Girls here, Elsie’s

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Things are Cooking

I have a book coming out! More info here and the mailing list is here. Please sign up for the newsletter and learn about the goodies and give-aways that are coming down the pike…

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You Might Find This Interesting…

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Flipping Since Before It Was Hip

Teachers have been using CraftLit®, Just-the-Books, and Chop Bard podcasts to help them Flip Teach since before there was a term for it. TED-ed’s site has created a great way for teachers to build their own flips (and were I still in the classroom

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Could Not Have Said It Better!

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