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If You’ve Thought About Podcasting…

… but you just aren’t sure,

I can help.

I’ve been podcasting since 2006. I’ve seen the practice change, alter, adjust, and grow up. That kind of lifespan and perspective you can only get from a few places.
This is one of them.
When I’m teaching, one of my superpowers is listening to you and understanding where you are now and where you want to get to. (Plus, I tend to get super enthusiastic by what you’re doing—if You are excited by what you’re doing.) I don’t like sitting in a class waiting for the teacher to catch up to where I’m at—and that’s why these coaching sessions are 1:1. No pre-recorded webinars. No coursework that has nothing to do with you and your area of interest.

You tell me what You need.

I give it to (or get it for) You.

It’s that simple.

Let’s Get You Podcasting

(for Newbies or Pros)

You pick. Act One – a one-hour session focused on a single podcasting challenge, or the Act Three Package – three one-hour sessions that help you work through (at minimum): zeroing in on what you most want to talk about & and how to craft that into your perfect podcast | how to start—the creative side of starting—how and how often do you plan and record, what kind of format is best for your show, what makes your show special and important | how to start—the tech basics—why are there so many different mics, what’s a podcast host & do I need one?


• COST — Podcast without spending a fortune on equipment
• MIC TECHNIQUE — Basic Mic Technique / Info
• LENGTH — Optimal Show Length
• NOISE — Avoid Background Noise
• ROOM — Recording Room Prep
• iNTROS / OUTROS — why, what, and how long?
• SOFTWARE — Software Options


• CONTENT — Show Structures
• TONE — humorous vs informative
• NICHES — how niche do you have to be or want to be?
• AUDIENCE — Audience Rapport
• TOPICS — Stay-away-from-this topics?
• NO-NO’s — Podcasting-101-oh-please-don’t-do-that things to be aware of
• PUBLICIZING — Getting the Word Out



• PERSONALIZED ANSWERS — To any and all of the above based on your personal needs and focus
• RESOURCE LISTS — Customized .pdf of resource links based on your needs (this will be sent to you within 24 hours of our session)
• AUDIENCE BUILDING TIPS — Based on our discussion (part of the personalized .pdf)
• CAPTURED NOTES — Notes from our chat so you won’t forget all the goodness we covered (ditto)
• MP3 — Optional mp3 recording of our session
• BEST BETS — For your situation, needs, and focus (the second part of the notes)
• SYNOPSIS — Blurb/description of your proposed or existing podcast so you gain clarity on your topic/subject/goal/audience
• TOP 10 KEYWORDS — Top 10 words to describe your ideal audience (super helpful for all sorts of branding besides building your podcast)

You could pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time hunting down everything you need—or you could get in an hour with me for only $97!
Why go it alone? Don’t waste your valuable (and scarce) time—just sign up!

If you know this is for you—
Get Started Podcasting! (And use coupon code 10percent to get an earlybird discount!)

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