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Audio Tech for Sale or Trade

I have three pieces I’d like to sell or trade. (Take a look, make me an offer.) I haven’t used any of them for at least the last two years…the projectors I don’t think I’ve used in three… Apogee Duet

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I spoke at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast conference in 2016 and again in 2017. For your reference, this page has all the details and links from the 2017 talk. Patreon and Podcasters have a… complicated relationship. The platform wasn’t made for

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Cognitive Anchoring hits the Guardian

Leader argues that humankind’s progress can be explained via our most dexterous limb in this fascinating, if frustrating book Source: Hands: What We Do With Them – and Why by Darian Leader – review | Books | The Guardian

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You Might Find This Interesting…

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Could Not Have Said It Better!

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