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Learn Podcasting from a Pro with 3 Million Downloads (and counting)

If You’ve Thought About Podcasting… … but you just aren’t sure, I can help. I’ve been podcasting since 2006. I’ve seen the practice change, alter, adjust, and grow up. That kind of lifespan and perspective you can only get from

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Cognitive Anchoring hits the Guardian

Leader argues that humankind’s progress can be explained via our most dexterous limb in this fascinating, if frustrating book Source: Hands: What We Do With Them – and Why by Darian Leader – review | Books | The Guardian

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What the ‘thoughtless’ N.Y. government just did to teachers – via The Washington Post

It’s usually good to have a negative example along with a positive when teaching. “Here’s how to… here’s how not to…” It’s good. It gives a bigger picture, broad outlines within which to work, an opportunity to talk about learning

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On Serial

This originally appeared on the CraftLit podcast at You can find Serial here, Startup here, the adorable video with Ira Glass and Mary here, The Spinal Column Radio Podcast (now podfaded) here, Today in iOS here, Knitmore Girls here, Elsie’s

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Things are Cooking

I have a book coming out! More info here and the mailing list is here. Please sign up for the newsletter and learn about the goodies and give-aways that are coming down the pike…

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